Premier League match between Fulham and Liverpool

Sunday, April 21, 2024 at 15:30 UTC

Match Introduction

Saturday, April 20, 2024 at 21:00 UTC

Ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls, and all the football fanatics out there, buckle up for a clash that’s sure to be a tea-spilling, biscuit-dipping showdown – the metropolitan majesties of Fulham take on the Merseybeat maestros, Liverpool, this sunny Sunday afternoon at Craven Cottage!

Now, Fulham, bless their hearts, are like that one Auntie who always brings you hope and cookies. Promoted from the Championship in 2021-22, they’ve been clinging to Premier League survival like a well-stuck piece of chewing gum on the underside of a school desk. Recently, they've actually started to find their groove at home – it seems their fortress isn’t just made of the usual London fog and despair, after all! Unbeaten in their last three against Liverpool at Craven Cottage, could they be the silent disco kings ready to dance on the Reds' title parade?

Speaking of our friends from the north, Liverpool! Oh, Liverpool. They’ve had a week that’s rougher than a hedgehog's backside. After being outplayed and outsung by Atalanta at "The Fortress" Anfield, they then tripped over their own shoelaces against Crystal Palace. For a team that was once the Belle of the Ball in the Europa League, they’re now more like the Belle that forgot her slipper... and her dignity at the ball! With their Premier League title hopes hanging looser than a pair of 80s dad jeans, Klopp’s must-win-every-game mantra is sounding more desperate than a double text to an ex.

So, will Fulham continue their surprise spoil-party, or will Liverpool rediscover their rhythm and raid Craven Cottage for those much-needed three points? Tune in, as we prepare to embark on this roller-coaster ride of football emotions!

Commentator larry-lawson Larry Lawson a.k.a Laugh Line